Sunday, 13 April 2008


The man came back yesterday and I explained to him about the choices in his life and about the power that he has to create his destiny.

"How did you know that I would answer when you cried out to me?" I asked.  "Because my mother told me that you spoke to her mother, on many occassions, I was hopeful." After saying this he became distracted and fiddled with his robes.  He continued, "I heard you.  When I was young I had a knowledge, or awareness, that I lacked knowledge.  It is as if everyone I know has been walking down a path to get somewhere and I have this knowledge, like a whisper, that tells me that there should be another path, I don't know where it is or where it leads, but the other path should be there."

He continued "I asked others if they had the same feelings and they said not.  I thought that I had imagined it all and that I should stop thinking these things, but it's always been there - no matter how much I've fought it.  After I killed all those people it's as though that whisper was a scream, I don't actually think that it was you replying to me, I think that I replied to you, to your scream."

He asked, "Am I right, was that you?"

I answered him "Can you name something that I am not?"

The man replied, straight away "Evil.  What I did last week was not you."

"You believe that I threw your ancestors out of a garden of paradise?" I said.

The man said yes, "And do you think that was evil, or 'less-than-good'?" I asked him.

"I don't know, I was never taught why it happened." Was his reply.

"So, from your response I can tell that, had you known why it happened you would be able to make a decision as to whether what I did was good or bad."

The man apologised, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to anger you, please forgive..."

I stopped him "I am not angry, I am curious"  You should answer me without fear."

"But if you did seemingly bad things then there would surely be good intentions behind it?" He enquired.

"Do you think that I am good?" He said that I was, "Do you think that I am evil?" I asked.

"No" said the man, "I think we may see your anger because we have done something wrong.  But no, you are not evil."

"So there is something that I am not capable of?  You believe that you have surpassed me, even if it is only in doing wrong?  Do not be afraid." I said.

"No, we haven't surpassed you because that must be impossible.  It must be something evil, like a Djin." He said.

"These evil beings" I asked, "by whom were they created?"

"By you, but.." as the man explained I began to laugh and the man was visibly scared by this, I continued his trail of thought "But it must have been for a good reason?" He nodded and I continued "You believe that I have separated good from evil and you believe that these are forces that act on you?"

The man nodded again, "And I assume that I am the manifestation of good and that these demons you speak of are the manifestations of evil?" I asked.

"Yes" said the man.

"In that case" I said, "I invite you to meditate on this knowledge and if this is what you choose to believe then you may like to tell others.  If you do have other questions, if any of this knowledge causes you to ask more questions then you may ask me and we can discuss this again."

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