Sunday, 27 April 2008

Daughters of men

The descendants of Mariam have followed her knowledge, after leaving her settlement she settled further away from the others and, as Eves had done before her, she told the stories of her people but by accessing her own power she came to realise there was much more to those stories than she'd been led to believe.

She remembered the dangers of revealing her truth and for a long time we discussed why people were, almost literally, designed to reject these notions, in part our decision (the Adam, Eve and myself), so that our experiment could continue.

Mariam learnt the full history of the experiment and in turn dedicated herself to ensuring that the truth of the experiment could find its way to the surface of consciousness, even if it could only be in the form of the occasional 'controversial' query.

Mariam passed on her knowledge to her eldest granddaughter and she to her granddaughter and so on. In the course of the generations a degree of foresight was developed and until Rebecca this was of no great importance.

"My God!" Rebecca cried out, in the hours before dawn, I came to her instantly, "Rebecca, why do you call for me?" I asked her and holding her bed clothes tight to her cold and clammy skin she whimpered, "I have seen it coming, a great quake, the ocean spilling over and a flood, coming to destroy everything. How can I stop this?"

"You cannot" I said.

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