Thursday, 3 April 2008

Trouble in paradise

Adam nor Eve have spoken to me since they left. That's 20 years that they have lived in pure fear. They have talked of me frequently and they have filled their children’s heads with that same fear.

I should point out that what they experience as 20 years to me feels the same as two attoseconds, I can experience as much or as little detail in that 20 years as I please, their internal chronometers are attuned to a very different level than my own awareness of time.

Adam has attempted to make sense of why they were ‘expelled’. He’s worked out the answer three times in 20 years and each time he has come back he has chosen to leave again and repeat the earlier process of mind-removal. At the most recent remembering Adam and I agreed that it was obvious that he would continue to work out the answer and we needed a different solution.

Adam said, “I keep working out the real answer to why we’re here, perhaps if you could take that knowledge and only leave me with a small part of that knowledge, not enough to work it all out but enough to remember our connection to you.”

I thought on this as he continued “What if you took my essence and split that to create three more of our pair, as well as me.” We concluded our discussion some time later and as Adam left once more he was joined, in leaving, by three other Adams and three other Eves, each going a different direction from the other and each Adam contained a part of the knowledge of their relationship with me.

Eve has not, so far anyway, remembered the full history of her relationship with me. She is instead much more focused on raising her children, a role she has taken to very naturally. She has taught her children much of what she could remember from her time before they left. Eve has a sublime gift for story-telling as a method for teaching. She explained to her children with such vivid descriptions of all the flowers, trees, rivers and even of me, in ‘The Garden’

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