Thursday, 15 May 2008


"Explain what you have seen, Rebecca." I said to her.

She took a deep breath before beginning "I've only seen this in my dreams really, only occassionally when I'm awake and then it feels like I'm remembering a dream. There are lots of different dreams and at first I didn't think any of them were related or that there was anything to be worried about, but they've started to change and become more alarming." She said.

Rebecca continued "In one there's a young girl, a bit younger than me and she's surrounded by her family and she's very happy. Then the ground begins to shake and her family don't appear to be worried but the girl is, she seems scared that she won't be able to run away fast enough. At that point a boy she's grown up with runs past her and she seems jealous as she knows that he's always been a fast runner. Then it begins to rain very heavily and it feels like it's going on forever." She took another deep breath, "And then there's screaming, a lot of screaming and people are running towards where she lives but they can't make it and the girl panics as water rushes over them and they drown but it doesn't make it as far as the girl and her village."

I asked "But you say this is connected to other dreams now?"

"Yes" she said, "there are lots like this" at this point she began to cry "but in most of them the people, animals and villages are drowning under massive waves. In some of them they are burning in a big fire that seems to appear from nowhere and no matter what happens I can't run. I can't turn away, I'm forced to keep on watching.

"Why can't I stop this?" She asked.

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