Saturday, 29 March 2008


What a day! I am now three equal parts; the part of me that was the creator and observer of the experiment and the parts of me that were the component parts of the experiment. In completing their knowledge of everything those two component parts remembered what they had forgotten - that they and I are undivisible; one and the same.

At that moment of realisation the experiment ceased to be. It only worked for as long as there wasn’t complete awareness, once there was it was me again, wondering what more could be discovered.

The part of me that was Shadow apologised for them both, “Sorry, we’ve kind of shot ourselves in the foot with this one haven’t we?”. Light continued “Yes, but that’s free choice for you! It was fantastic though, how much we have learned in such a short period of time, to be able to take a break from our awareness of our true nature was so liberating. It felt frustrating at the time but now - our awareness is so much fuller and deeper.”

We three re-lived our short experiment within our collective mind numerous times. I addressed the other two aspects of myself, “Is there any way that we could repeat the experiment - make it longer, better - give it more depth and experience?” Shadow replied, “Yes. There is something we could do. We were created without sex, if we could choose a sex for each aspect we could then reproduce like the other animals and after a certain time our bodies would die and we would return to you.”
Light continued, “And so we continue to experience life, with the death of the body the consciousness returns to the greater self and the children of our bodies carry on the experiment with a portion of the consciousness of their parents.”

I continued our thought “And the observer, the creator, will take a back seat, I will no longer speak to you directly, I will never again make the choice so overt, so difficult to ignore. If your choice is to be truly free their must be a balance, if we choose, if we agree, for each generation their will be someone with awareness of the whole knowledge and that person can choose how best to spread that knowledge. But the bodies without consciousness will be free to choose to ignore this person, to live in ignorance of the whole truth.”

“I shall be male and I will be called Adam” said one, “And I shall be female and named Eve” said the other. I spoke, “And I will put you back where you were and you will remember all the knowledge that you had in order to ensure your survival, how to grow crops, the names of the animals, how to hunt, where to hide from wild and dangerous animals. But you will forget how to access the knowledge of everything, you will forget this conversation, you will forget that you are me. Until or unless you choose to remember everything. You will know that you were created by me and that I gave you life. The rest is gone. Is this our choice?”

“This is our choice” said Adam. “This is our choice” said Eve. “This is our choice” I said.

Adam and Eve ran out of the oasis and into a desert, weeping as they ran and terrified to look back. Eve cried out “We have offended God and he is unhappy with us!”

Adam replied, “It was your fault, I told you not to eat from the tree!”

Eve thought for a moment that there was no tree and she didn’t remember eating anything but was too afraid of what was going on to give it any more thought and she forgot all about it.

I watched them running until they found shelter, Adam and Eve seemed to be competing for who could get furthest away from the oasis, from me, as if it were some kind of human race.

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