Saturday, 24 May 2008


Rebecca continued to receive her dream visions and although they have become less frequent in her old age she has never forgotten them. She told her children, her nieces and nephews and her grandchildren but of all of them only one thought she wasn't touched by madness, unfortunately, the others often thought the same of him as they thought of their beloved Grandmother. Especially when he went walking around saying that he had been appointed to his role and that he was the servant of God, names that Rebecca had always encouraged. The family despaired when he instructed his young son to start building a boat to avoid the oncoming storm that Rebecca had seen coming all those years before.

Rebecca had succeeded in persuading her family to move ever further north, in hunt of good land and opportunities and when the rock finally slammed into the ocean the resulting malestrom missed Rebecca's family and her great grandson was half way up a mountain in a massive boat, long after the flood water had subsided.

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