Wednesday, 26 March 2008

All fall down

I caught Light standing on the knowledge stone earlier, Shadow had done the same thing yesterday. Shadow had been secretly watching Light from behind some bushes and came forward.

“Have you used it?” Asked Shadow. Light’s head swung around to make eye contact and replied, “Yes.” Said Light, “I wanted to know about this area where we live, the land around us and the mountains in the distance.”

Shadow stared hard at Light, then asked “And you’re not dead?” And so sarcasm was born, in reponse to this Light lifted just one eyebrow - Shadow smiled.

Shadow and Light called out to me, I reminded them that I was always present and that they didn't have to call me to receive answers.

Light asked “Please, can you explain why we are able to access the knowledge without dying and why you told us that we would die if we did access the knowledge.”

I answered their questions with a suggestion, “If one of you would like to stand on the stone and seek knowledge of learning and of yourselves I will make sure it is shared with the other of you at the same time.”

Light sought the knowledge that I had suggested and Shadow also learned the information of my concern for their learning, for their mental capacity to cope with the power of the knowledge stone and my desire to protect them from harm. Shadow broke their learning reverie and said “But why not just tell us this to begin with? We’ve never disobeyed you before.”

I replied “You have not disobeyed me, I didn’t tell you that you mustn’t access the knowledge, I informed you that would die if you did but I have never forbidden anything - these things around you are yours to choose from. I wanted to put a barrier between your curiosity and your fear of death to see which was greater and now all three of us know the answer.”

Shadow turned to Light and asked “I want more knowledge, will you share it with me?” Light nodded. “Before you begin I have one more thing to tell you about," I continued, "the stone is merely a stone, you can access the knowledge from anywhere and at anytime, even at the same time as each other. All of this knowledge you already have within you -in accessing it you are merely brining it to your conscious mind.”

They both thanked me and sat down opposite each other on the grass with the sun shining over their heads. They began to access the knowledge of the universe. As I suspected their ability to comprehend more complex information grew at a rapid pace until they shared all of my knowledge.

I’ve just come away from the experiment, they have learnt everything and they are completely aware; everything that I know, they know. This experiment is over.

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