Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Experiment

I am knackered. I spent all day today making everything else that I’m going to need, but because I haven’t planned it properly I’ve got to hope that I won’t need anything else because it’s going to be a difficult to stop and create new things as I go along. Unless I start from scratch all over again, but that seems like such a waste given how much I’ve done.

I’ve probably achieved more today than in the previous five days put together. The best thing that I did today was to create the Experiment. I was lacking inspiration today so its ended up looking like me. The Experiment is intricately designed and I’ve programmed it with a lot of my own awareness and abilities so that it can do everything that I can do, so not only does it look like me but it can do what I can do. On top of this I can directly access its memory or mental processes – especially when it needs recharging. This is quite vicarious, but then again this entire project is a grand act of vicariousness

If you’re still struggling with what the Experiment is, then think of the re-imagined Cylons. A walking, talking, sentient being that is capable of creating anything that it puts its intention behind. Exactly as I can do and have done. The only difference is that the Experiment has a choice; it can choose whether or not to acknowledge its full potential, at any time. Alternatively the Experiment can act as though it were like my earlier creations, servants to my instructions.

Very good!

(no post tomorrow, I’m having a rest!)

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