Thursday, 13 March 2008


Since my last post I’ve been thinking a lot about the Experiment and its development, I haven’t had much interaction with it as its still naming things and I’ve taken time out to make sure that I continue to teach it in the best way. I’d really like to be able to download the information directly, Matrix style, but I also know that this would cause an aneurysm and I’d also have to start from scratch. A forced download would also be contrary to my golden rule of freedom of choice.

I’ve also been thinking about how I view the Experiment, as its learning and picking up meanings and naming objects I’ve begun to see it less and less as an extension of me and more as a separate entity. I know that it’s not possible for the Experiment and I to ever be separated but it really is beginning to feel like something wholly independent, I can only put this down to my investment in it's ability to choose. On the deepest level the Experiment will know that it is a part of me but until it chooses to remember this it works well for the consciousness of the Experiment and my own consciousness to feel separated from each other or I suppose this could never work. A natural progression is that I’ll probably have to interact less directly, each time that I do I’m drawing attention to the fact that I exist and really, for total freedom I need to take a very hidden role - to hide myself from the Experiment and wait to be found! But, for now I have some wisdom to impart and I have decided to test my interaction with the Experiment and its ability to learn in one fell swoop.

I spoke to the Experiment earlier and told it that I had put all of my knowledge in a single location. I went on to tell it that by placing its hands on a stone that I had moved into place next to one of the trees, the Experiment would be able to access this knowledge. I gave it a demonstration and a bright light appeared that contained within it images of all the items that it had given names to, I asked the Experiment to choose and it chose clouds, then appeared some more pictures, including rain and lightening. With each choice of image more knowledge was available and this is how the Experiment learned that clouds make rain and that rain waters the world so that plants can grow with the light of the sun. This knowledge system is a lot like being stuck in a wiki-loop - you know, when you read about one subject and find yourself opening all the resulting links until you get deeper and deeper? Only this was without words, language was still new, reading was going to be a long way off!

The Experiment was about to find out more about the sun when I stopped it. “It is important that I tell you something, if you try and access this knowledge without me then you will die.” Instantly I conveyed the meaning of death and it took one more look at the stone before moving away from it. Now I needed to ensure that it would return and look at the stone regularly and so I made the tree bear fruit, “This fruit will grow on this tree so that you can eat it when you’re hungry and it will satisfy that hunger.” The Experiment looked at the tree, walked up to it and picked some fruit. It sat down and ate it, with its back to the stone.

I didn't like lying but I wanted to be sure that the Experiment didn't overload its memory and end up popping a connection in it's head! As soon as it is able to cope without supervision I'll remove the death warning.

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